Minnesota Web Design

Your business is unique, so should your website be. We offer customized web design that caters to the way you work and communicate with clients – from developing custom sites tailored around specific functions such as e-commerce or content management system (CMS) integration; all while ensuring they are clean, professional looking platforms ready for any occasion!

Good-looking websites are great, but they won’t get you far if the site doesn't offer what customers need. We provide web development that will make buyers feel secure and give them an easy-to-use interface. Specializing in Joomla, we work closely with your vision and goals right from the start until the completion of the project. We'll even work around any obstacles along the way as well because nothing can stop someone who wants something done right ;)

Whether you’re looking for a website design or just need an update, our team can help your business shine online with beautifully designed sites. We know how important it is to have reliable technology that functions properly and keeps up-to-date, so we offer maintenance contracts in addition to new web development services!

Our unique designs represent who YOU are as well as artfully showcasing what makes YOUR company special - from logos & branding through responsive layouts & theming...we do everything possible to make sure every customer feels like part of the team here at Big Groovy Designs.